At select trade shows across the country, The Big Pitch™ team invites product owners and inventors to deliver a 5-minute pitch for their groundbreaking products. During The Big Pitch events, a panel of consumer retail, marketing, merchandising and product development experts participate in a series of fast-paced Big Pitch sessions designed to identify breakout products that we can take to the masses.


  • The fast-paced, high-pressure pitches and star-power of the panel generate a jolt of electricity through the aisles. Who’s pitching? How did they do? Is the Next Big Thing here at the show?
  • Products selected by the panel for The Big Pitch TV Shopping program gain exposure, marketing expertise and endorsement power they could never afford outside of this unique partnership. 
  • Consumers get a sneak preview of an industry’s most engaging and innovative items—and develop a new appreciation for the role a trade show plays in bringing  great products to market. 

How it works

The Big Pitch team has created the ultimate vehicle for jump-starting innovative consumer products. The process begins with a 5-minute pitch to the panel at an industry trade show.

Depending on the event, you may need to be an exhibitor, or a member of the association sponsoring the show. An initial screening process (involving a phone call and email questionnaire) will determine whether you are eligible to pitch. Your product must be in production and capable of shipping in significant numbers either now or in the near future. If you are selected to participate in The Big Pitch, there will be a modest fee involved, which covers the cost of bringing The Big Pitch team to the trade show.

After each pitch, the panelists will evaluate the product, offer criticism and advice, and answer questions you may have about your product. As an honest, unbiased product consultation, this post-pitch discussion is worth many times The Big Pitch fee.


In the days that follow, The Big Pitch panel will convene and select a group of products to populate a 30-minute TV Shopping Show. At this point, the companies chosen become “broadcast partners” with The Big Pitch, sharing in the labor and expense of producing the show and buying the air time, as well as participating in other media initiatives designed to give their products maximum exposure.

For that cost, a company receives exposure on a beautifully produced 30-minute Big Pitch TV Shopping Show, targeted to key A and B markets and positioned as a sneak preview of your industry’s most exciting and innovative items. An endorsement by The Big Pitch is included, as is footage from the show to use in your own marketing efforts.

After the show airs, it will be viewable here on The Big Pitch web site. Your product will be featured on its own page—with video and photography—generating continued sales for many more months. 

Why it works

Simply put: We win only if you win.

The products the team has identified as having great direct-to-consumer potential have produced billions of dollars in sales. However, not every item is a winner—for every ThighMaster or George Foreman Grill, there are dozens of products that generate only modest sales.

The Big Pitch concept was created to deliver extraordinary value regardless of the outcome. Participating companies are asked to share in the work and the costs to ensure that they are “all in” with our team.

In return, they receive exposure and marketing input worth many times their investment—not to mention product support from the man who made “As Seen On TV” famous. Even the companies invited to the initial trade show pitch that    

2017 Update: The Big Pitch kicks off Season 4 with a new format!


are not selected can claim victory. For a few hundred dollars, they will have received a marketing and product development consultation that could make (or save) them tens of thousands of dollars in the future.

The big payoff for The Big Pitch—and for you—comes when enthusiastic consumers call the 800 number on the TV screen or click the Buy button on the web site after learning about your product. You can be sure that the people behind The Big Pitch know how to take that initial success and rocket it into the stratosphere.

We are taking it to the streets—well, the aisles, actually—with our trio of panelists booth-hopping to hear dozens of product pitches on the trade show floor. They will be accompanied by a full video/sound/production crew as exhibitors deliver 5-minute presentations directly from their exhibits. Feedback is honest and immediate.

When we test-drove the new format in 2016, one exhibitor said it’s like “speed dating with industry consultants.”

The Big Pitch team is looking for the next big thing. A handful of exhibitors will be invited to participate in an upcoming 30-minute Big Pitch episode (themed to your trade show) airing on Fox Business. It’s part of a program designed to tap into decades of expertise and accelerate a product’s success—which includes press, social media, input on sourcing, licensing, marketing, distribution and more.


What happens to “everyone else?”

We believe the time we spend in your booth (on-camera and off-camera) will be the smartest decision you make all year. If we can find you a shortcut, see a way to sharpen your focus, introduce you to a productive partner—or keep you from making an expensive mistake—we’re happy to do so.

How does The Big Pitch make money?   

Everything we do is based on sharing in some small way any success we directly generate for your company. We are totally transparent in that way. If you don’t profit from our relationship, we don’t profit from it, either.