Brian Schlichter

Brian Schlichter is a seasoned consumer product industry vet.  He has held numerous sales management positions with leading industry vendors such as Black&Decker and NordicWare.  Brian was the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Calphaon Cookware and part of the executive committee during the integration with Newell-Rubbermaid.  He stayed on with Newell-Rubbermaid through the transition before becoming an owner/partner in his own manufacturer’s representative firm.  He was an owner in a successful rep firm focusing on Target & Best Buy for seven years before merging that business into The Moscoe Group where he has been a managing partner for 13 years.  The Moscoe Group is a 57 year old multifaceted retail organization focusing on sales, marketing and category management with national chains such as Target Corp & Best Buy and have driven 10’s of billions of dollars in product sales for their clients.

Scotty Zeigler

Scotty Ziegler, master designer and inventor, dedicates himself to the building of all things cool.  Having created industry-changing products for prestigious international companies such as Hasbro, Fisher Price, and Mattel, Scotty forges steel, sculpts clay, and manipulates the newest 3D technology to build just about anything his brain imagines.  He holds a slew of patents, and his inventions and designs have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and national television programs. When it comes to creating, Scotty doesn’t know how to think inside the box.

A toy-industry revolutionary for more than 25 years, products including a variety of dripless sippy cups, 3-wheeled strollers, and kick-and-play bouncers can all be attributed to Scotty’s brain. He also starred in the History Channels “Invention USA” as he and co-host with technologist Reichart Von Wolfsheild as they travel around America to oversee the work of amateur inventors. Scotty brings a passion and creativity to every project he encounters.

He achieves the impossible and builds the unknown.  Fans relish his creative world because it constantly challenges artistic boundaries.  He is revolutionary.  He is challenging.  He is Lord Bongo.

Dr. Thomas D. Overbay

 Dr. Overbay serves as a business development and technical consultant to the animal and human health industries. He is one of the founders of Expedite Animal Health which is a company formed to assist with the commercialization of products in the veterinary industry. Dr. Overbay brings over 25 years of experience in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. He has served as the senior business development officer for a major animal health company and has served in similar roles with a contract services provider and start-up animal health companies in the US and internationally. In addition to business development, Dr. Overbay’s background of veterinary practice, technical services, and sales management provides him with a unique perspective of the scientific, financial, and legal aspects of innovative technologies.

Dr. Overbay has successfully brought to market a number of products arising from universities, government agencies, human hospitals, start-up companies (both human and veterinary), and multinational pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Engaged by large multinational companies in the animal health and pet product space as well as by start-ups and financial groups in this sector, Dr. Overbay is tasked with assessing the science behind the product concept and determining the practicality and marketability of the product for veterinarians and pet owners alike.

In addition to his duties with Expedite, Dr. Overbay also leads the technical reviews and chairs the selection committee for the Animal Health Investment Forum, the largest such event in the world held annually in Kansas City. This event provides a venue for fifteen companies, qualified and selected from submissions from all around the globe, to present their opportunities for investment to over four hundred attendees representing over a hundred investment and animal health firms.

Dr. Overbay holds his veterinary degree from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and resides in Louisburg, Kansas.


John Cremeans is one of the first on-air home shopping hosts and considered a pioneer in the home shopping industry. His span of over 32 years as a broadcaster and national television shopping host is unrivaled by only a few in electronic retailing. 

John has had over 28 years as a national TV shopping host and helped generate over $2 billion dollars in accumulated sales, with his largest one-hour total bringing in over $2 million dollars!  With more than 30,000 hours of ‘Live Television’ he has chalked up more TV experience than Jay Leno, Johnny Carson or any major broadcast television news anchor! 

In addition to being a panelist on The Big Pitch he is also currently co-hosting of a nationally syndicated radio show 'My Cool Inventions‘ and for the last 5 years has talked to literally 1,000’s of inventors in his quest to find the next big hit.



Focusing on a career in the promotional products industry, Howard Trilling developed UPSTREAM as a division of MJ Industries and served as its President until it was purchased by Swingster, a Kansas City metro company.  At Swingster he oversaw merchandise development, sales and marketing and in 1999 when Swingster became American Identity Trilling, as an integral member of the top leadership team, was named VP of marketing.  American Identity was purchased by Staples in 2007. It continues to be the largest Promotional Products distributor in North America.

He became VP of Global Markets Services for Staples Promotional Products in 2008 a position developed to address the needs of the growing global client sector. In this position hemanaged divisions of Staples Promo in Canada and Europe and developing a network of 55 partners in 30 counties to support their multinational clients.

 In 2012 Howard Trilling started Arno Global Consulting a Global strategy company and became a Managing partner. In the past four years he has traveled to London, Moscow, Beijing, Sao Paulo , Sydney , Torontoand Mexico City on business consulting assignments and helped many clients navigate the sometimes tricky, world of promotional products.