The Big Pitch Retail Test-Marketing Program: Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a charge to be a part of the test-marketing program if I am selected by The Big Pitch panel?

No. However, there is a fee to pitch the panel at the show (see below).


How many store locations might be part of this program?

Between 20 and 200, depending on the retailer and the type of product.


Do I get paid for the product my company contributes to the test?

Absolutely. You will receive a purchase order based on the number of participating stores.  However, we ask that you deliver the initial order at or near your cost.


What happens if my product performs the way I think it will?

All future orders will be executed at a normal wholesale price. And of course, you have a new customer, and your product has a solid track record.


Why would a distributor want to buy my product?

It is a way for them to create new revenue streams by leveraging long-standing relationships with their retailer customers. If they find a potential “home run” product, they can get it into stores in ways that manufacturers cannot. If that potential pans out, they might become the exclusive distributor for that product. Those are two huge incentives. The Big Pitch puts them right in the thick of the action as panelists at major trade events.


How does The Big Pitch make money?

By including these stocking distributors on our panel—along with buyers and product development experts—we share in any commissions our panelists (and their companies) realize.


What is the fee to pitch at the show?

$400. That covers our cost of bringing our panelists and film crew to the show.


What happens if I pitch but am not selected for the test-marketing program?

You will receive two crucial pieces of the marketing puzzle:

1)   Our panelists buy breakthrough products for a living and will tell you point-blank how you can tweak your product to make it more appealing to them.
2)   You receive an edited clip of your pitch to use for social media and promotional purposes.


Is that worth $400?

That’s for you to decide.

The cost of producing short promotional videos with professional talent evaluators discussing the features and benefits of your product can run into the thousands of dollars.

Another way to look at it is: What would it be worth to guarantee that a major distributor spent 5 minutes in your booth at the show—someone who is authorized to write business and initiate a test-marketing program if he or she loves your product?


Can I pitch the panel if I don’t have enough inventory for a big test-marketing push?

Yes, you can.

However, until you have that inventory the stocking distributor will not execute a purchase order or initiate the program. You would be there primarily to pick the brains of our product development panelists.


May I pitch if I am not a show exhibitor?

No. The Big Pitch is invited to film at trade shows as an added benefit to its exhibitors.  No booth, no pitch.


Still have questions?  Email or call (305) 790-2568.