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The land paddle has been around since 2008 and has been a simple pole with a handle and something on the end for grip. Braap Stik introduces the first innovation to the sport using a fiberglass spring on the end that provides the rider with many improvements to the land paddle.   Newbies can ride a skateboard with ease since they are not required to push with their feet the balance is much easier to achieve making it easy and fun for the whole family!

Product Features/Benefits:

  • Less impact on the joints because the spring absorbs impact. 
  • You get forward momentum with the quick release of energy stored up in the spring at the end of the stroke. 
  • Super compact so you can travel with it, take it into class or a shop and you can always find somewhere to put the paddle when it’s not in use.
  • The rubber foot is custom and makes great connection with the road so there is less slipping with each push. It is also replaceable if they wear it out.  
  • Customizable with different grips, spring ratings for riding sizes and styles as well as pole options.
  • Use it to balance and support as well as slow down for corners as you carve the neighborhood.

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