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The BRISKET BUDDY™ patented design provides a raised surface allowing for a sanitary and presentable cutting area. Juices, sauces and trimmings are easily collected in the pan. The cutting board is food grade approved, non-odor absorbing high density polypropylene. The pan and retaining brackets are made of stainless steel.  All components are dishwasher safe and easy to store. A unique feature of the design is the removable anchoring posts which can be removed for storage or simply “flip” the board after use. The posts are ideal for securing large cuts of meat while carving. The PATENTED design provides a whole new dimension in mess free meat carving.


Product Features/Benefits:

  • Mess free meat carving and trimming.
  • The food grade approved, cutting board simply attaches to the two stainless steel rails on the pan.
  • Great for Tailgating, RV enthusiasts, outdoorsman, Grilling out, Camping, Hunters and Fisherman.
  • The Brisket Buddy gives you a perfect cutting angle.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to store.
  • GREAT FEATURE:  Removable anchoring posts. Secure meats and poultry.  Perfect for cutting all size and shapes of fruit and vegetables.
  • The anchor posts allow those with ARTHRITIS OR STIFFNESS IN HAND AND WRIST TO CUT – ONE-HANDED!”
  • Dimensions: Brisket Buddy.  Cutting surface: 10”x15” Pan 13”x19”


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